About us

Our company was established in November 1997 as KÁTA CNC Industrial, Commercial and Service Limited Liability Company. The automotive supply business started with 25 employees and 10 CNC machines. The main profile of the company was the production of aluminium connectors for the air conditioning system of cars, which was supplemented by the production of bodywork components and safety components.

Main activities:
Metal machining, laser cutting, metal forming, metal surface treatment, production of components for road vehicles and vehicle engines (CNC machining, assembly, stamping, welding).

The company is based in Szentlőrinckata, less than 70 km from Budapest, in Pest County, and is the largest employer in the village of only 2 000 inhabitants. Production currently takes place on a factory site of around 10 000 m². The company, which started as a small family business, has 119 employees in 2016. Through subcontractors, it provides employment for a further 800 people.
At the beginning of 2016, the company purchased a new site in Jászberény. In addition to the existing plant of around 4,000 m², a new hall of 3,300 m² is being built to expand its existing capacity and to develop a new business line and new markets through the current development.