Own development department

The development department of our company deals with the design, development and production of special purpose machines and devices. Significant part of our reference works are special machines, assembly and control machines for automotive parts.

These are punching-drilling machines, machining devices, assembly-control workstations, engraving-hard marking devices and any combination of these.

At the beginning the department were commissioned to produce simpler designs and devices, later the task became more complex as designing and manufacturing complete production cells.

These are much more complex tasks, but our clients - on the basis of our previous successful works - decided to entrust these larger projects to our development department also.

Our current partners providing us continuous work, but their expectation is that to use the most modern technology and providing the best price and the best quality for them.

The chance of new obtainable projects inspires us for innovation and for keeping the constant development for our manufacturing and installation processes, which results that we can fully meet our future customer needs.

The quality standards are very high for all the suppliers in the automotive industry. With our already achieved high quality level, we would like to be a worthy supplier for our customers in the future as well.

Production efficiency, automatization

Our company's main plan - today and in the future as well - is not just keep the turnover but also continuously increase it, with reducing the expenditures and by using cost-effective and modern manufacturing technologies in the tense market competition.

The key role in our competitiveness is the work of the development department. The target -which we aimed for them in medium term- is that increase production efficiency and as a result of their activity we expecting that our recent and future projects will be more economical and profitable.

Our long-term goal is to extend our current capacity and - with wining new projects - entering into new markets, which resulting that our company avoid the depending of the automotive industry.

Manpower shortage and fluctuation makes difficulties for so many companies in the present. The most ideal solution for solving this problem is automatization.

Our experience is that more and more companies are try to find the solutions to solve this manpower shortage problem.

Trusting in the new possibilities, we would like to involve our company into these development processes and getting more and more projects which results considerable progression.

In our Site all conditions are provided. All information from markets suggest that the future of the manufacturing is automatization.

We would like to find our certain position in this development process and achieve significant progression.

Our feeling is that interior automotive suppliers are manufacturing parts very high quality, so we keep this level - also in development and all the future works - for our partners.