About us

KÁTA CNC Kft. was established in 1997. The
activities were started with 10 CNC machines and
25 employees. The company's main pro le at the
beginning was the production of aluminium
anges for automotive climate systems, which
was supplemented by the manufacture of body
parts and different safety components over the

Main activities:
Automotive supply of metal machined
components specialized in production of
machined aluminium and steel parts made
from extruded pro les, as well as pressing,
welding, assembling.

New services are now avaiable:
Precision laser cutting and cnc bending

The headquarter of the company is located in
Szentlőrinckáta - in Pest county - less than 70
km from Budapest. The company is the largest
employer in the settlement which has only
2000 inhabitants. The current production eld
is approximately 10 000 m2. The company -at
the beginning- started as a small family
business. The staff in 2016, already 119 people.
With all the subcontractors the company
provides job opportunities for another 800

The company bought a new site in Jászberény
at the beginning of 2016. Extending the plant
capacity - which is currently 4000 m2 - there
will be a new 3300 m2 plant. The goal of the
current capacity increasing is the possibility of
new business, new technologies and the
acquisition of new markets.

Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System
Certified according to IATF 16949: 2016

EN ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management
System Certificate since 2016

We have an Integrated Quality Management System covering both our sites.


The KÁTA CNC Kft is a direct supplier to premium car manufacturers - through Tier 1 automotive suppliers


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